Baby Dan Angel 3 in 1

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Kinderstoel Babydan Angel

Babydan Angel kan je in de 1ste 3 fases van je baby gebruiken. Wanneer je baby net geboren is als ledikant aan bed. Het wiegje aan bed geeft zeker de eerste periode een gevoel van geborgenheid en veiligheid. En is fijn voor wanneer je borstvoeding geeft. Hoef je 's nachts niet je koude bed uit.

Omdat je baby een deel van de familie wilt zijn kan je de de ledikant er gemakkelijk afhalen en een wipstoel aan tafel van maken. Je baby kan vanaf het begin in wipstoel. Het is natuurlijk niet de bedoeling dat je je baby de hele dag in de babysitter plaats. De baby Sitter wordt het meest gebruikt tijdens het eten.

This innovative Angel line from Baby Dan is a new concept which unites the functions of a crib, a highchair and a babysitter in one product, with the A-shaped stand as the center point.

The individual parts; Angel Nest, Angel Rest og Angel Feast can easily be clicked on and off the stand in a single motion. This unique 3 in 1 product is therefore suitable for the newborn up untill the early school years.

The Angel therefore becomes a wellknown element in the child’s first years, and with it’s light and simple expression, it creates a safe and calm atmosphere surrounding the child.

Each part can be folded for easy transport or storage when the parts are not in use.

Angel Nest is the crib where your newborn can sleep safely. The lift has carrying handles and can easily be clicked on and off the stand. Easy to carry and fold down for flat storage or transport. Angel Nest complies with the safety standard EN1466..

Angel Rest is the sitter where your baby can sit safely and rest or eat it’s first meals at the table. The seating height allows you to feed your child directly at the table with the rest of the family. This eliminates the risk of the chair tipping, if putting it on the table. Furthermore, the sitter can be adjusted into horizontal position in a single motion. Angel Rest complies with the safety standard EN12790:2009.

Angel Feast is the practical highchair that allows the child to eat at the table. The brace can easily be mounted and removed without the use of tools. For a quick adjustment, the seat can be turned 180 degrees to turn away from the footrest without any further adjustments. Angel Feast complies with the safety standard EN14988:2006.

Available colours: White and silver.